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Where to Barter?

Listen to “002 Where to Barter?” on Spreaker. Where to find people that barter and trade….. In today’s episode we’re…
Barter Exchange

ITEX Barter Canada Teams Up With Ontario Business Leaders

Win Over 11K in Barter Dollars from ITEX Barter Canada ITEX Barter Canada has teamed up with Ontario Entertainment and…

Tradebank International Acquires Bartercard USA

Tradebank International announces the acquisition of Bartercard USA effective June 1st, 2018. Today members received an email from Valerie Hall…
Barter Exchange

Blown Out Tire Barter To The Rescue!

So, its the first day of summer vacation and we’re on our way to Charleston South Carolina and out of…
Barter Exchange

What Exactly Is A Barter Exchange?

Bartering is a billion dollar industry and growing. Barter Exchanges are an intricate part of that business.  Knowing what they…